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Welcome to the G.I.Joe film page
This site has been made with a main purpose: the creation of a G.I.Joe film. We need a plot, a casting (this is one of the most interesting issues), any good ideas. Here are some of my own but I invite (and encourage) every body to participate.
Take a look at the Cast to see the images of the actors and actresses selected and most voted and don't forget to add your comments and ideas in the guestbook (in the links section).

10th December: 5 new additions to cast page 3. Jonathan has suggest the following roles: Doc, Wild Bill, Cover Girl, Torpedo, Destro and Dr. Mindbender

17th September: 4 new additions to cast page 3, see more suggestions for the following roles: Duke, Lady Jaye, Clutch and Major Bludd

19th October: Here is the new update. There's a new whole bunch of interesting photos so take a look and enjoy! Thanks very very much to: J Wagner, Vaughn kaszak, Jan Lucas, and many more people who although I ain't got there names they helped in this update!

Thanks for your participation, people!
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Do you agree with the hypothetical cast shown at this site?

Yes, I agree completely.

Yes, I agree mostly.

I agree with the 50 % of it.

No, I would change a lot of the characters

No, I would change it all.

I don't like the idea of the creation of a GIJoe film.

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