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There are a lot of posible plots for this kind a movie. From a kidnap, to the invention of a deadly weapon. Many people would like to see on film the "creation" of Cobra Island, mainly because according to this plot Cobra wins.

MAIN THING: The world is OK and calmed - Cobra appearance (and with it the world comes into turmoil) - GIJOE face COBRA - World calmed again (this does not neccessarily mean that the joes won)

The soundtrack is very important. The music to be chosen would be different if we choose to make a cult movie or a commercial movie.

CULT MOVIE: The music should be new, I mean invented because when we hear the music we would remember the movie. Making GI Joe a cult movie is rather difficult because GI JOE is commercial to the backbone (it's the figures we are buying, don't we?)

COMMERCIAL MOVIE: This is much easier because we take the music from any where and put it in (in a way that it matches the film)


Alex Peterson has created this interesting plot:

Ok first off you have to introduce the characters so... ther should definately be these

Duke ,Scarlett ,Hawk ,Rock & Roll ,Stalker ,Road Block ,Lady Jaye Law and Order ,Flint ,Dial-Tone ,Clutch ,Breaker ,Gung Ho ect.

on Cobras side have Cobra Commander ,Destro ,Zartan ,Baroness ,Zarana ,The Dreadnoks ,Destro's Iron Grenadiers ,and a lot of vipers mostly dressed in blue with the red cloths over their faces.

Ok the Plot...the U.S. Goverment recieves word of a threatening terrorist orginization called Cobra they send a team of members called GIJoe to make an assault on Cobra's known head quarters (Cobra Island) now meanwhile Cobra can be planning a seige of some sort to take something over like a military installation ect. for the opening sequence for the movie you could have Destro breaking in to a Millitary Arms Installation for weapons and he'd be getting stuff like M4 Carbines ,Steyr AUGS stuff that looks sorta high tech maybe even OICWs. And Police could arrive and of course we know who'd win ,he could have a Black Hawk helicopter waiting and zoom off in it...which thinking of that brings me to what the Joes would use as vehicles such as the Black Hawk they could be working with the very real 160th aviation group based out of Ft. Bragg ,SC. and of course the joes foil cobra's plot at the last second. Another good addition would be the Dreadnoks trashing out some store like a target or toys r us store just so you good add in the GIJoe stuff in the back ground as sort of a pun...

This is the first idea received on the PLOT issue, thanks Chris Dansie:

In the movie you could have three attacks on the Cobra headquarters at once. Alpine, StormShadow, Jinx, Scarlet, Snakeyes and Beachhead are climbing up a face of the mountain and at the top get attacked by the Night Creepers. Meanwhile the main attack force is moving in to attack and the come across Serpentor leading the counter attack. Also the renegades are attacking when they run into the dreadnoks. After a long battle Serpentor gets shot downand escapes with Cobra Commander. The Dreadnoks get away after the renegades get called back. During the movie you could have Destro attacking an insitltion and getting captured.

Another great idea this time by by Roeland Terwingen about the SOUNDTRACK:

Megadeth (makers of some great music to great movies like Universal soldier 2, WCW, NHL, NBA themes, ESPN main theme,....) For this movie I'd select songs like 'symphony of destruction' (1991 Countdown to extinction CD), Blood of heroes (1994 Youthanasia CD), 'The world needs a hero' (The world needs a hero CD 2001) and of course a cool cover of the original joe theme by megadeth. the cool thing about megadeth music is that it can be used in cult movies as well as high budget movies (they've also done 'last action hero', 'Bill and teds bogus day', 'Tales from the crypt', 'Wes Cravens Schocker').